Sunday, January 13, 2013

Nothing is Impossible!



Nothing is impossible. 


Nothing is too late.ってのも好きだな。

My 12 year old daughter is taking karate lessons 3 times a week. She begged me to come and watch just one of her lessons, so I did last week. 
She is one of the many brown belts in the class. It is not a dream to be a black belt some day.
It is not well known that the flexibility of a ballet dancer is needed in karate. But now that I think about it, they kick the opponent's head, so they need to be very flexible to do so. 

Karate is a martial art used more for defence than for attack. 

The karate teacher is a black belt and he gets many medals and prizes in competitions. When he jumps, he can do a complete split in the air. 

He tells his students that: "Nothing is impossible". I love these words.
He is already a black belt, but he still works hard to be better and help people who love karate. 

Thank you for visiting my blog.
See you tomorrow.


  1. Hi, Midori,
    The work is nice! The quotes are lovely.
    Kind regards, Sadami

  2. Hi Midori.
    Your daughter's karate teacher sounds like a wise man.
    You have created such an expression of joy on the woman holding her cat! Makes me smile.

  3. Hi Sadami san,

    thank you for visiting.
    I read your blog Congratulations!
    You must be very busy these days.

  4. Hi Studio at the Farm,

    Actually this is my daughter. Unfortunately it doesn't look like her. Her aunt sent the Newcastle football team uniform with my daughters name on the back in Christmas present.

  5. Hello Midori:) 22 years I have done karate. I had the black belt and also gave lessons. I have a lot of self-confidence by karate. I ran not more with my head down (uncertain) but with my head up. I think it's very good that your daughter does karate. It gives really self confidence. I wish her lots of success! I can not do a split:):)Your painting is fantastic!! It radiates a lot of joy:) Big hug!

  6. Hi renate,

    Really? Wow.22 years? That is amazing.
    You don't do it any more?
    Self confidence, that is exactly what she needs.
    I'm very proud of my daughter. Whenever I go to see her lessons or grading test. She can remember all "kata"performances and she always does it beautifully.You and my daughter will be able to karate together someday. It would be great!!!

  7. Hello Midori:) You should be very proud with your daughter:) I always loved the fight, but also loved the kata's. Fighting an imaginary opponent is such a nice thing to do. I also learned to have a lot of respect for each other and a lot of discipline. Today I still have a lot of pleasure of these things. The karate style I did was Goju-Ryu.
    I don't do karate anymore. Nowadays I paint:):) Oh.....and I can count to 10 in Japanese!!!!! For my black belt I traint 6 times a week and 1 time a week in Rotterdam on the other site of the country. I also won a lot of prises with contests. It was a lovely time. I hope your daughter will enjoy it the same! Just like with painting it is practice and practice:) Say hi to her from me, will you?

  8. Hi renate,
    My daughter's karate is Syotokan.
    Her flexibility has been dramatically increasing. She is so happy whenever her teacher tells her that she's been doing well; she works harder every time he does.
    6 times a week? It must have been hard work. She is having lessons 3 times a week.