Thursday, June 2, 2016


One of roundabouts in Al Ain.

I often go to Al Ain vegetable souq.
All vegetables are fresh and cheaper. When I found out some box of green mongos, I just asked the shopkeeper about how we can eat it. Still green means they must be sour.
One of Indian staff said they love sour salad. I was interested in the taste, but I was so busy after I got them in free of charge.
I just painted and no time to make salad.
So I have to go to the souq again to get some more from now.

Al Ain Vegetable souq. I tried to use poster colour gold.
In the photo, it looks like dirty yellow yellow unfortunately.

I've started to teach Japanese to my daughter these days.
When she was young, she used to study, but one day, she said she didn't want to do anymore
So I gave up to teach, but I really regret to stop teaching, even if she said so, I should have continued to teach it.

"Where do you live?"
'' I live in  UAE"."
Watashiha Arabu syutyoukoku renpou ni sunde imasu.
It is really hard to memorize the country name.
I don't know why I didn't teach.
She will be able to survive only English in her life.
But if she can communicate by Japanese, her life would be changed.



Racist を、日本語で、おしえたら、むずかしすぎた。

I met a guy with his pet on his shoulder 3 days ago.
When I was talking with him, he was hilarious, but when he started to make some pose  in front of my mobile,he showed a bit different expression.
Even under the scorching sun, he made some poses for me.
His pigeon did great job as well.
His T-shirt was very pretty blue, so I
painted once very normal skin colour with blue T-shirt, but it was quite boring.
So I wanted to create something interesting ,

I met a guy who had a pigeon on his shoulder yesterday in front of my apartment.
 So I painted last night, but I am not satisfied with it at all.
I didn't feel like painting same guy again, so I changed to a girl with a pigeon.
But she didn't go along well with pigeon at all.

I fell in love with painting a restaurant kitchen.
To ignore almost all details were really hard part for me though.

My daughter now 16 years old and 3 months. It was her last day to go to school today in Al Ain.
Since she was 2 and half years old, she started to go to school.
She changed 4 school for 14 years.
She is going to move a next stage in her life.
I am sad, but parents have to say buy to our kids one day.
It is a year earlier than other kids, but she's been feeling she wants to see outside the world.
Staying 16 years in UAE must  have been enough for her.
I am ok actually, quite comfortable, but we have to move some day soon.
I am not sure where we can settle down as a next stop.

I've never painted a restaurant.
But when I went to this cafe to buy dinner, I realized all stuff were so kind.
And I was fascinated by these green shirts.
I feel they are so clean and fresh!!!

 I love to go to martkets.
Shop keepers are trying their best to catch customers, and customers are trying their best to run away from them. There are lots of dramas.
Some people say it is annoying to be in the drama, but I don't mind at all.

It is harder to paint simple shape rather than complicated one.
I did this last night. The paper was too small.
I tried my best not to paint all detail.
Just heroine of Roughly Finis.

I did this one long time ago.
I was so serious.

How many times I have painted this scene in lessons.
It is a scene from Al Ain -Fujaylah road.
Rocky mountain range continue until Oman side.
It is absolutely fantastic road. I love and miss it so much.

When I was driving, accidentally I encountered this scene.
Just like a rice field in Japan. I suddenly miss Japan.
I tried very limited colours and strokes as well.
Simple is the vest I think.