Monday, January 14, 2013


(ももはなさんのブログは、動物たちの宝庫。3年前にいただいていたカレンダーから、写真をお借りしました。何でも使っていいよーとの許可はいただいているとはいえ、ちょっとためらわれます。子供にかかせるのにどうかなと、ためしにかいてみました。) is my friend's blog. She lives with lots of  animals in the UAE. I got permission to use her photos. 
I painted  this from one of her photos today. I think my watercolour students will like to find out how to make brown in their pallets. 





あのFriday マガジンを読んでから、相当のフラフープがUAEで売れたはず。


What is hoopnotica? 

According to the Friday magazine, there was a couple in the US who lost a lot of weight.The before and after photos showed that their bodies were completely different shapes. How did they do this? 1. Food control and 2. Hulahooping! 

On the Internet, there's a lot of information about something called hoopnotica. 
I'm not actually fat, but there is a certain muffin-top I'd like to get rid of. So I wrote 'hoolahoop' onto my shopping list yesterday, but I realized my apartment is too small to use it. So I decided not to buy it. I know I'm not the kind of person who would go out and use it everyday. 

Obesity is a serious problem in the UAE. I'm sure from now lots of people who want to lose weight will go to shops to get a hoolahoop. I know the desperate feeling of wanting to lose weight because I was really fat when I was around 20 years old. In fact, I couldn't find my size at fashionable shops so I had to go to the middle ages fashion section. It is a really sad memory. 

Thank you for visiting.
Can you hoolahoop? 
I can't.


  1. Hihi Yes, I can hoolahoop but I don't want to:) Happy for me, I don't need to for weight loss.
    Your camels and goats are lovely! I love the way you painted the goats. So cute:) And the colors are so beautiful! I now will visit the blog of your friend! Take care:)

  2. A lovely blog of your friend!! What a lot of animals. I wish I could have that much:) For now 3 pets are enough! (cat, dog and parrot).
    Isn't it possible to become a follower of that blog?

  3. Hi renate,

    I don't think we can be a follower, because her blog is not bloodshot.