Saturday, November 26, 2016


2 more minutes, until December,
Before December, I wanted to finish to post UK and Czech trip, but
I was too busy after trip,so I can't finish.
At least I wanted to post Chinese Calligraphy with portrait in Czech.
Unfortunately, not great calligraphy but all turned to fantastic memories to me.

Thank you everyone.


Painting from their back show something interesting impression rather than show their actually faces.
And when I should stop painting is the most difficult thing these days.

It looks like still half way, but I like it very much.

One day, I should try another version which add some more definitions.



This is the end of page of my illustration work.
The author, Nathalie and a graphic designer Ana.
3 people worked hard and finally this baby was born.
I can't believe it.
We did it.

To make a character, it took long time.
I hope kids enjoy our book
and cook with their families.

This is my feeling today.

I've lost my voice and have sore throat.
I coughed all day.
I thought whiskey would help me, I had some glasses of whiskey with hot water and lemon.
I thought it didn't work this morning,  I just had a headache,
but it is getting better now.

I am really busy to order 22 kinds of cards, calendars and T-shirts.
I've never tried all of them.
All are mainly facebook friend's request.

I don't mind at all about greeting cards and T-shirts, but the problem is the calendar.
Calendar should be on sale now in shops. 
but I am still making. 
I hope I can ordered tonight get the sample on Sunday at least.

My illustration kids book is available in amazon.
It took for 2 and half years to reach the end,  I am not sure when we can do complete the next book, but it is so much fun to work for kids book.

I've been posting into my blog for 9 years,
but I never click wrongly "delete ".
So I was so disappointed by myself, but
maybe there is a god to lead me to delete it.

My favorite word is there is no waste in our lives.
So I should be positive........,
it is not easy to think to be positive.
 I can't remember what I posted this month.

How can I do, I posted through November, I accidentally deleted them.
If somebody knows how to get them, please help.