Thursday, January 10, 2013






Years ago, I lived in the UK for 8 months.
It was a very impressing country for me. The greatest part about the UK was the fact that I could go absolutely anywhere with the pushchair (buggy).
I could get onto trains and go into shops, libraries and so on.
I've never experienced any inconvenience with my pushchair in the UK.

There are no elevators or ramps in any of the small train stations in Japan. I thought that maybe disabled people wouldn't get out of the house because there were only flight after flight of stairs.

When I went back to Japan 13 years ago, my daughter was still only 7 months old. I put her into the pushchair and went to one of the subway stations in Osaka to meet a friend. There was an elevator, but the elevator didn’t go to the ground floor. So I had to carry it down a long set of stairs by myself. Before having my daughter, I hadn’t realised the many inconveniences in Japanese train stations.There are so many barriers in Japan. Japan is known to be a developed country. Yet there are still not enough facilities for disabled people.  

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  1. Even for strollers the world is difficult! I realize again when I'm with my granddaughters ... Just a health problem or a child to carry and there are many barriers everywhere!
    Your watercolor is very nice, impressive contrast between the shiny metal and velvet roses.

  2. Como siempre tu acuarela es de una calidad admirable, felicitaciones

  3. That is a beautiful carafe with flowers, Midori.
    I am also perplexed. I would have assumed Japan would have all such amenities!

  4. Hi Midori:) If you don't have to do with this kind of problems you won't notice it. Till the moment you struggle with it your self!
    Your painting is so beautiful. I love the color of the roses and you did such a great job on the old look of the carafe!

  5. Hi Rita,

    I thought you don't have any inconvenience at all.When I traveled with my mum needed a wheelchair,we sometimes had hard time but I wanted to be a positive. My daughter learn a lot from grandma who needed a wheel chair about how we should make a barrier free environment.

  6. Hi Beatriz,

    my blog name is watercolour diary,so as long as I say a diary, I should update everyday. I would be able to find something from my diary.

  7. Hi Studio at the Farm,
    Unfortunately, Japan is very behind.Japan is really mountainous. The 67% is covered with mountains, 15% of the land is used for agriculture,3% for it is easy why there are so many steps and stairs in Japan.

  8. Hi renate,

    actually, the roses are my imagination.I feel like
    The colour of the roses might be too strong.