Saturday, October 11, 2014


Al Ain Zoo.

Last year, I painted lots of animals. But this year there is not many chance to do.
 I should try more.
Thank you for coming to my blog.

Have a nice day for UAE people and one more working day for other countries people.

Oh, Halloween is coming, isn't it?

I HAVE TO paint pumpkin, right?

Hurry, hurry!!!



I forgot to paint one part of this tiger.
Which part?
Can you find out?
The left ear?
Yes, I know, but one more.


This was a challenge.
How to paint morning sun.
I used yellow, but the light was not yellow.:(

Around 7am near my house.
There are lots of municipality buildings over there.
Unfortunately, almost all are not interesting design.
because 60 years ago, buildings didn't exist in UAE.
So all are very modern.
This is typical modern building as well, but it shows fantastic shadows.
People starts to cue around 7am in front of this building to sort out their ID cards.

It depends on shadow colour.
The impression changes.
This is the great example for learning shadow colour.



I painted this 4 month ago.
I feel that it is very fresh. 
This is a tiny path where I drive every day.
A father and his son were walking away from the main road.
That was really beautiful scene.

In 2013, we lived a tiny apartment.
Luckily our room was in front of the apartment main gate.
I used to see people who pass in front of our living room window.
I didn't need to go out to sketch people.
I just sat the dining room chair and sketch them.
So this is one old piece.
They were waiting for a taxi.
One really, really hot afternoon.

I want to paint flower suddenly. So we did this in Art club, but it was not great.
This morning, I was frustrated again.
So I just dropped lots of colour, water and salt.
I feel better.hahaha

UAE National day preparation has started.
I love to focus workers who come from outside. 
The National day is 2nd of December.
All decoration will be left until January.

I got lots of pears last night. So before eating, I had to paint them.
Before going to yoga this morning. I did very quickly.

I feel it is fantastic to do. Because pears are really fragile fruits. 
So we have to eat them quickly, otherwise brown bruises quickly spread all over.

One of my facebook friend post this video this morning.

Alternatif Hayat's video Asura Feat Ayten -El Hai

I was hugely inspired by this video.

I enjoyed this portrait very much.
I want to try some more like this.


Painting Japan.

From my facebook friend photo.
If I can paint in spots in Japan, it would be great though.


I painted this about 4 years ago as a Etegami to my mum, but I like this very much. So I've still been keeping in my room.

I appreciate blog very much. I would not have continued my dairy without blog.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Water, water

This is the old piece. Maybe I painted this about 3 years ago.
I should have written the day on the painting.
It is postcard size. I painted this to send as Etegami, but I like this very much. So I still keep it.
I should paint another version of " Water, water".


Monday, October 6, 2014

painting Japan

Why I feel comfortable,when I paint water?
I borrowed a photo from my facebook friend.
It would be great to paint at the scene though.


Friday, October 3, 2014

Al Ain vegetable souq

Who hates to see markets?
I love to see them.
Tents, people and tens of vegetables, fruits and fishes etc.


Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Al Ain vegetable souq

These days, it is really difficult to find out people who don't have smart phones.
The guy was just focusing on his smart phone . He was not caring what was standing in front of him. That was me.hahaha

I love to go to the souq.
Luckily the location is great. The centre of this town.
Unluckily parking design is so poor, so it is really difficult to get out in peak time.

It is already October!!!