Saturday, July 2, 2011


 It was just an 1 hour stay in Amsterdam to buy simcard for my mobile and a simcard for Aki's iphone.

Mother's had a kind of infection, so she can't give a milk to this baby.
we fed  her milk by a bottle.

To cut the grass, they use this tracter.

Finally, I can start my blog again.
I think we are really, really lucky this year.
This farm's owner, Ton and Renee are really friendly people who have a warm heart and a never ending sense of humour.
20 goats, a cow and a pig and a piglet, 2 dogs and 2 geese and 20 chicken, and 3 horses and a cat.
There's not much work to do, actually, even with all the animals.
I can't describe how happy we are here.
Weather here is just like in the UK unfortunately. (Jacket on, jacket off...)
But we do something interesting everyday. :)
Last night, there was a tractor competition near here.
Renee tried it. Since she was the only female competitor, she was the female winner. She did very well.
I'll put some more photos on later.
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