Monday, July 4, 2011

Holland 8

Renee is a dog trainer. Every Monday, she goes this field to train dogs as a volunteer.

Last week, it was a quite hot day. So we did a teatime this table which  is set up outside the living room.

Renee planted all flowers. We are very busy to take photos all day.
8am, breakfast.
10am, tea time.
12noon. Lunch.

and tea time and tea time,,,,

Actually we hardly work.

The brown house is the chicken house.

Homemade jam.

At tea time we can always eat homemade cheese. The taste of homemade cheeses are totally different from supermarket cheeses. These cheeses are really impressive.

Cutting grass with a tractor.
It takes just a minute to cut all the grass that all the animals need for one day!

That day, we were like the Royal Family.
'Make way, make way, Kate Middleton and Prince William!'


Setting up all these belts are very complicating.
So we can't help her at all.
We feel very guilty. :(


It took about 15 minites to set up these belts.
Today, Diego came to help Renee's job. He is a Brasilian.

The trees are soooooo beautiful. :)

Holland is a very, very flat country.So we can go everywhere by  bike if we wanted to.
But we are in a car which is pulled by these horses.
Soooo coooool.

About one hour drive is finished.
Renee has to take off all these belts alone.
Because we can't help.
Too complicated and maybe the horses will kick us,
so we are just standing around, looking at her.

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