Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holland 12

Dogs are eating a goat's stomach once a week.

Chickens sleep with one leg.
This is serious science!
How can they do that? Hmm...

I just can't believe chickens sleep like this. Ha!

Aki is working in the stables.

Today, we helped make soft herb cheese.

Lots of herbs are mixed together. Aki comes to like this.

This is Fetta cheese. Renee is callling this Salad cheese.

Soft goat's cheese which is mixed with honey. 'Yum!' says Aki.

This farm name; De Buurackers is on the front of the cheese. We put on the labels.

These plastic bags are sealed by this machine.

We bought these flowers last week at a market and Renee planted them in her garden.
We would like to leave something in this farm as a memory. As long as this flower blooms they can remember us. :)

Pipi and dogs often have tics which is a soybean size insect that sucks their blood.
First we were scared to take it off from the cat and dogs, but the second week, finally we've started to do it ourselves.

Pipi is a really cadly cat.

Typical Duch horses have hair on their hooves.

Renee cleans up their hooves.

Brushing tails,

We are going to be a
Royal family again.
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