Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Holland 17

Herring with onion again. We are addicted to this. Aki didn't eat the crackers/biscuits. She just ate the herring.

Aki has a herring's tail. We decided to do a test: which animals will eat the fish tail? A goat...?


A cow...?
A pig?


Every afternoon, after lunch and  tea time, we played
a game. This day, we played a dice game.

Aki is cleaning up the doors.

Throwing piece of bread again.
Who can put it in the bucket?

We were told to give the horses a few pieces of bread. And they ate it!

The organic food in the shop.
Cheese with herbs.

Making pancakes for breakfast.

Ton wanted a pancake with cheese!

Aki on a haystack making silly faces.

Saying goodbye to the goats. :(

Getting attacked by the dog. DON'T SIT ON THE FLOOR WHEN THE DOG IS THERE!

Lexi loves Aki! He always jumps on the sofa when she sits on it!! :)
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