Sunday, July 3, 2011

Holland 7

We went to a bread shop to get lots of old bread. The bread shop has a policy to sell bread only the day the bread was made. So some breads are put into plastic rubbish bags. We picked up the bag and make them small and leave them under the sun for half a day.
Dried bread lasts longer than soft one.
These breads are fed to the pigs and geese with water.

Renee came to Aki.
"Would you like to taste this fresh jam?"
Oh, this is the life!

These goats remind me of Heidi!

Pipi is the farm cat. :)

The geese live on the compost.
It is warm for them.

Training for dogs.
Hide dog food under the tiny wooden lid.
Dogs have to lift, slide, etc. the lids to get the food.

                                     Pipi could do it as well-but she wasn't hungry...                                   

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