Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Holland 11

Dogs, Sara and Lexi lve to catch their tennis balls. There is a football pitch behind the farm.
Dogs and humans feel tired...
Both dogs are quite huge, but they are well trained by Renee who works at a dogs school one a week volantarily. Both dogs live in dining room but they never steal our food. They've never begged for food either. They are very good dogs.

Today, Renee bought smoked eel for us.
Remove the skin........and..

Put them on the crackers.

The happiest person at dinner time is Aki! Because there is a big piece of meat and lots of good food!
Green brocoli. I've never seen it before...

Suntory whisky in Holland. Ton and Renee's daughter is studying
 Japanese at Nagasaki University at the moment.
So she is sending lots of Japanese food, etc. from Japan. These must be some of the things she sent.

Almost every night, we play this game after dinner. It is very fun. It is called Barricade.
Can you see where I am?
I am almost the winner. Since I've come here, I wonder how many games of Barricade we have played...
I've never been the winner in Barricade before. Ton always won, so I was really excited!
One more step. I'm going to be the winner!
Posted by PicasaYAY!!! GOT IT!!!
We want to buy this game, so we were looking in all the toy shops in
Gronigen town. But we couldn't find it. :(

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