Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Holland 18

This is the view of the garden from Renée and Ton's computer room window.

Aki with the goats
....and Wonka the cow.

Ton loves cooking. He cooked Indonesian food that night. Delicious!!

Bye Pipi and Lexi. (So cute!) :(
Bye beds,

Bye Miss Piggy,

Bye little Dumbo,

Bye Wonka, (Moo to you too!!)

Bye Kate Middleton. (they called her that because of the little brown speck coming into the middle of her head-see it?)
It was sad to say goodbye to everyone and everything. We had a really good time. This was at Groningen Station-we were heading to Amsterdam.


I didn't say anything at the station, but for some reason the ticket lady gave us a first class ticket for the train! 45 euros!! Oops! Normal class would've been 22 euros and I would've preferred that, but we got first class and that was very nice actually...
It's very nice. The seats are big, lots of room, it's comfortable, we liked it. Aki was very...happy...?
We miss everything,
Renée and Ton.
Thank you.
For everything. :)

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  1. ReneeとTonのお宅での滞在は、本当に有意義で、そして楽しそうでしたね。羨ましい!!絵はたくさん描きましたか?
    First Class の列車に乗って、今度はどこへ行くの?