Sunday, July 3, 2011

Holland 6

Aki tried to ride Violla (not sure about spelling...)
She tried to ride her before when there was no saddle. That time, she said she didn't like it because it hurt. But that day, in the picture above, Aki is happy to ride her.
This day, it was perfect weather.
Beautiful scenary.
Clean air.
I felt so wonderful, like our life span was increased by 5 years.

30 minutes ride is over.
Push Violla into the horse carridge (?) and go home.

Aki is helping to carry vegetables from a ware house which is keeping vegetables which turned old.
These old vegetable are fed to the pigs and chickens.

We picked up lots of whitecurrant and blackcurrant.

Renee make juice and jam from these.

This is a machine for making juice.
Steam them and juice comes out from the tube at the bottom, as you can see.
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