Friday, July 8, 2011

Holland 15

Every evening, Aki takes the two dogs to the football pitch with the tennis balls.



Today, Aki is cleaning up the milk tank.
Renee buys goat's milk with this tank. 300 l or 540 l once a week or twice a week. 54kg of goat cheese comes from 540l of goat's milk.

A herb is mixed inside. Garlic, then another herb.

Put them into containers.

Other herb. Basil and 7 other herbs.

Put the weight on the container to squeeze water.


In this stage, just a little bit sweet. There is no cheese taste.
Leave for 4 hours and put them into the salty water and leave for some days in the store room and then it tastes of cheese.

One day, the stable fence was broken by the horses. Fixing it was Renee's job.

All animals love bread. This is the oldest goat in this farm.






Zes!!!!! (counting in Dutch.)
Renee goes to a bread shop to get these bread which the shop can't sell.
All these bread go to this farm animals.

Dutch licorice.

Posted by PicasaHumans are not allowed to walk on this road.
If we walk there we are supposed to be fined.
We can't see the bicycle road 30m right side this road.
Cylist and human have to walk that path.

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