Friday, February 1, 2013

Mitsumasa Anno










HaniHani and the lion 15.

HaniHani and the lion 16


 Mitumasa Anno (artist) says: 
”Paintings are one's lifelong companion, regardless of professionals or amateurs” in his book.
Anno says ''There is no basic rule for painting, I want to teach how to paint but I can't, the basics of art and painting is found in the heart, so there is nothing that is better than feeling "I love painting." He added: "Lives which have paintings are rich" and he continues to explain this passionately. 

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  1. MIdori, your still life is BEAUTIFUL!!! It is so rich in color, and I like your edges. And always, your lion and cat cartoons make me smile. It is always a pleasure to visit.

  2. Hello Midori:) If we ever met, please teach me how to paint like you do. It is so beautiful to see this lovely painting and the colors are perfect!
    I'm holding my breath about Hanihani. It really is time to wake up!!!! :)
    Your portrait is beautiful too! Great art!

  3. Hi Studio at the Farm,

    I bought this rabbit last December in a sale.This is really useful to arrange with vegetables. Actually this rabbit is gold, but it was difficult to paint by watercolour. How do you paint in your case?

  4. HI renate,
    I wish we could paint together someday.It would be lots of fun!!!

    HaniHani's shape and the lion's shape are changing every time. When I started this cartoon, I painted pretty real lion, but these days it has turned to complete cartoon lion.hahaha