Saturday, February 23, 2013

Al Ain Art club

(From Al Ain Art Club 21/2 Wednesday,a member N's garden)

                                                ( From Al Ain Art Club 21/2.Model, D and L)

なかなかいい感じとおもって、必死で色をつけたら、なんと、8歳のLちゃんの腕が、筋肉もりもりのおじさんの腕になってしまっていた。いつも、絵を遠くから見て描こうと人にはいうのに、自分では怠ってしまった結果である。あまりにおかしいので、ポストすることにした。11歳のDちゃんの腕も太い。プロポーションも見事にずれている。写真があるので、後日再挑戦してみるつもり。Dちゃん、L チャンごめんね。

Al Ain Art Club, 21/2/13.
D and L contributed as models.They sat still for 20 minutes. I appreciate them very much.
I sketched them rather than take a photo of them. I thought it was not so bad, so I painted seriously on a table until the end. I didn't see the painting from far when I was painting  to check whether the proportions were all right or not. 
Finally I found that L's arms became just like wrestler's arms and even D's are too big as well. D's proportion was not properly sketched. I always tell my students that they should always look at a painting from far away, but I didn't do so myself and I failed. Sorry D and L.
Someday I'll paint them from a photo. 

                         (From Al Ain Art Club, N's garden)
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  1. Beautiful, loose and fresh watercolors, I think they are all great and see no wrestlers's arms :-)))

  2. Hermosas Acuarelas, me agrada esta última fresca y transparente. Saludos!!

  3. Hi Jane,
    thank you for visiting my blog.
    Really? I like painting but I don't like drawing much, so I rushed to paint. 2 girls was quite a challenge. I learned a lot.

  4. Hi Mercedes,
    thank you for visiting my blog.
    From Argentine?
    I love "blog", where to live is not important at all.
    We can see our work from any places. It is great, isn't it?

  5. Hi Midori:) haha no they don't look like wrestlers! You silly:) They are beautiful painted. The painting from the gardens are lovely too. Though..... I don't see my favorite kitty anymore, is she ill?? Or eventually eaten by the lion????? Hugs:)xx

  6. Hi, Midori,
    They look nice. Be kind to yourself.
    Cheers, Sadami

  7. Hi renate,

    thank you, renate.Oh,the HaniHani story? Yes, it is almost finish.
    I can't put it here. I will post it our facebook this week. I will tell you later. Thank you.

  8. Sadamisan he,