Monday, February 18, 2013





あとになって、F-word はFOX ではなかったことがわかったと。


Just last night, as we were having dinner, my daughter suddenly remembered a funny story from when she was just 5 and she told us. 

One of her best friends at the time who was a boy told her,"You know, there's this word that's called the 'f word' and it's a really bad word." 
My daughter immediately thought 'fox' was the word. 
When she asked her friend what it was, he said: "I can't tell you, my mum's here."
So my daughter was convinced that the f-word was fox. 
At school, when 'Story Time' came around, when the teacher would read out the word fox, my daughter would be confused and rather shocked: "Why is the teacher saying such a bad word in front of the whole class?" she would ask herself. 
One day, she found out that the f word was not actually fox. I wish I could've seen her face as she realized. It would have been hilarious! 
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  1. Your story about the fox is so funny, Midori!
    And I love the little horse and boy in the foreground of the bottom painting!

  2. This post makes me smile,thinking what happened before Christmas when came here my niece (two years and two months).
    Looking at the colors in my drawer where knows find it, it was all an exclamation of "Wow" "F + + K" and "S + + T". She had heard these exclamations in English ,then learning and repeating ,
    she was all joy and wonder!
    My daughter has translated for her into Italian as "(Done)-FATTO" and "(YES)-SI" you translated in FOX, hoping that not knowing the meaning,she will forget ... but as children exposed to different languages ​​absorb the information will always be a little surprising! Reading now this post I took a look at the future ... thanks Midori, of your beautiful watercolors and your diary so interesting. I read always , even if sometimes I do not leave the comment.Warm hugs,Rita.

  3. Hello Midori:) What a lovely story and it made my smile too:) I've got a simular thing about myself on kindergarten but to tell you in English is not as funny as in Dutch because in English it doesn't ryme. Anyway, my parents are still talking about it and the teacher in that time gave them a little not that they still have!
    I love all three paintings. The little kid is so beautifully soft painted with a few explosions of color! I love it! The second one is so original. It looks easy but I'm sure it isn't that easy! You did it so well. The last one is so adorable. Especially the little horse is nice! Very very beautiful. Have a nice day!xx

  4. Hi studio at the Farm,

    Actually, I painted this horses last November.When I was looking for a cartoon character.After my daughter confessed her fox story,whenever I see foxes, they make me smile.
    Thank you for visiting!

  5. Hi Rita,
    You niece is so funny. I understand they don't know how rude,but that is really normal. They are learning little by little. That stage won't be long. She will stop to say soon.My daughter's one of classmate often says "B----" to her friends.She is already 12 years old though. She might thinks using the word must be really cool. F-word and S-word, I really don't know how to translate to Japanese though.

  6. Hi renate,

    We have a same problem,if we say in English,it becomes so funny, but if we say same word in Japanese, it is not funny at all.

    I did a lough sketch in the scene and painted at home. She was sitting down in a very strong sunshine, but I couldn't express well this time.

  7. Es un placer ver sus acuarelas, tienen la precisión y el color adecuado en cada mancha, hermosos trabajos

  8. Hi Beatriz,
    thank you for the comment.
    Still I love watercolour.
    I would like to try new paint, quidron something something....