Sunday, February 24, 2013

Green Day

My daughter, along with the rest of her English class, were given an assignment to write a Valentine's Day poem (even though it's very late) to someone they admire, or maybe even love (ha). 
So, of course, my daughter wrote her poem to her favourite singer from her favourite band: Billie-Joe Armstrong from Green Day. 

彼女は、Green Dayに熱をあげている。
とくに、Billie-Joe  Armstrongが好きなので、彼のことをおもって詩をつくった。


My life without you would be 
Rock and roll without a drummer.
It would be just like
A year without summer.

If I could not listen to your music
my world would fall apart
If I don't see your face
my day just doesn't start.

If I could not hear you sing
I would feel so very blue
plain and simple,
my life would suck without you. 


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  1. This painting is beautiful and your daughter's poem is adorable!

  2. WOW!!! Your painting is gorgeous, Midori! And I enjoyed your daughter's poem, too. :)

  3. Awww how sweet, I think there is a little poet hidden inside her :-) Well , love is love even when it is for an idol. And so beautiful and summery your watercolor , love the warmth of it .

  4. Hi Rochelle,

    Actually I was trying to paint marygolds, but painting orange is bit hard to get actual orange. So I change to light orange and yellow.

  5. HI Jane,
    thank you.
    I didn't know how much she loves Green Day, until I read this poem. She is crazy about music these days. If she is interested in painting,I would be very happy though.

  6. Hi Studio at the Farm,

    I love negative paint these days. It is a bit addictive. I just put yellow everywhere and made shape of flowers. It was really interesting.

  7. Hello Midori:) I thought I commented this wonderful painting already. Apparently not. Sometimes I make a comment and forget to send it :):) This is so beautiful painted and the green is a highlight! I love it. I'm sure I did commented it. I made a comment on the beautiful poem from your daughter. You both are creative talented!