Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Arabic pot

今日から、このTabata式workout をはじめました。





Tabata training was created by Professor Tabata who was working at Ritsumeikan University as a Sport Health Science Manager. Although it has become popular in other countries, it was created in Japan, though, it is not well known in Japan yet.
The Tabata workout is called a "Tabata protocol." It was developed by the professor and an ex-speed skater, Hiroyasu Simizu, who used this method until retiring from skating.
The method is really simple.  Workout for 20 seconds and  rest for 10 seconds . This is 1 set.
Just do 8 sets, which will take about 4 minutes.Any form of exercise can be used, but it should be done to the maximum. The aim is to push the heart rate up and the body to its maximum performance. Although there is a rest in every set, it is not enough for full recovery, so each set becomes progressively harder. 

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