Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dubai Bastakia area

12 artists got together in this exhibition in The hotel show at Dubai World Trade centre.
10 artists are Indian people who are very bright and talented.
I was thinking about a connection between Japan and India
Finally, I found out yesterday. One of the artists, Anita comes from New Delhi for this exhibition  She works as a personal grooming. It is not the familiar job for me though.
Personal grooming means a person who teach how to put clothes, shoes, bag, and how to use shampoo, etc. to blind people.

She works for The special need people through government.
Especially for blind people who want to work as a masseuse.
A Japanese, Naoshi, teaches to Indian trainers how to do massage.It is called JMMT,
Japanese manual massage therapy.
Blind people work as a masseuse in Japan, It is very common.
Japan export the massage technique to India.
It is great to know.

It is the last day of The hotel show today.

Have a great day.
See you tomorrow.

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