Friday, March 28, 2014


I have been learning from my 14 year old daughter a lot recently.

She has been changing a lot.

She's started singing in front of people.
Her original song with piano accompaniment is amazing and her solo on
her school stage was just great.
I didn't think she would be like this a year ago.
She is certainly growing and challenging herself and the world.

When I was 14 years old, I didn't do anything.
I couldn't do anything.

Singing something alone in a stage was something out of my world.

This generation is different. With all the media and technology around them and new music and people in the world, children are starting to do things that I never would have dreamed of. So many of them are chasing after their dreams, especially my daughter. She dreams of being a singer or a journalist in the future and she is studying really hard.   

I tried to paint an African boy from a photo in a magazine.
Creating his skin colour was very interesting and fun.

I think I painted this three years ago. 

I've been painting for 8 years. I always ask myself if I have been growing and challenging myself as much as my daughter. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a good day :) 


  1. 鯉の絵すごく素敵ですね、テクニックも色々見られて素晴らしい、美しいです♪

  2. ありがとう、えりこさん。この鯉ですが、突然でしょう・なんの脈絡もなく鯉なのは、

  3. I am so happy for your daughter, Midori. it sounds like she is growing so much, so quickly. I still remember having to perform in front of a large audience, when I studied piano many years ago.
    And you really are challenging yourself and growing with your art!!!

  4. I wish all those who dream beautiful things to be able to achieve them , in their future ... Times are tough, but no more difficult than many other times throughout history.
    Every note and every brushstroke build peace and happiness for all of us.

  5. Hi Studio at the Farm,

    I remember you did piano performance when you are child.That must have been great memories and experience. If we tried Royal piano exam, we can see the level of piano, but we can't see anything in art. So we can keep doing but other way around, so we can't give up half way.I hope I can do this entire my life.

  6. Hi Rita,
    thank you. Peace and happiness. What a word!
    We should enjoy painting, but i sometimes still struggling.

    Oh, Rita, by the way,have you used Holbein watercolour paint?
    Actually I should have known earyly. That is quite good and reasonable price compared with W and N.