Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I'm trying  to create new watermark in this new pc.


  1. Acuarelas espléndidas, un placer visitar su blog

  2. Thank you, Midori. Your paintings of the young boy and of the camels made me smile. I love the bright colors and shapes of these two paintings.
    Good luck with the watermark. :)

  3. Hi Beatriz,

    thank you for visiting my blog.
    These days, suddenly I paint lots of camel.
    I don't think I like them, but I need some practice.

  4. Hi Studio at the Farm,
    These days, I found out Fb is really convinient.
    So I;m going to take a break in Blogger.
    See you in FB anyway.
    Thank you for warn words all the time, Katharyn.

  5. Hello Midori:) Your camels are lovely and full of movement. Great job! I wouldn't place the watermark in the middle of your painting. How is Hanihani? Is he coming back? Take care!