Thursday, August 3, 2017

From Japan

I didn't use watercolour paper this time.
I used Gayou-shi which kids normally use.
It means it is very cheap paper compared with  proper watercolour  papters.
I just wanted to know how hard it would be.
It is really, really hard to use.

I've been in Japan from 26th of July.
There are so many things to paint but as long as I am with friends and my daughter, I can't paint selfishly.So I got up around 5 am every morning, and I do very simple sketching and taking photos.
I will post little by little.
I am fascinated by fishing boats in my home town.
So I will paint boats mainly from now.

My mum's house, didn't have wifi before.
We set it up yesterday finally.
So I will paint and post every day from now same as before.

My mum is 84 years old now.
She can't remember so many things
She still can remember my name. I might have to appreciate about the situation.

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