Monday, November 19, 2012

watercolour paper

This is one of the gates to Al Ain's oasis. This view is from The Al Noor Hospital waiting room.

Every morning, this house turns to orange by the morning sun.
Since I've moved to this apartment, I was trying to paint it, but I couldn't complete it at all.
Finally I did yesterday. Oops, this is not orange at all.

We are going to sell some Chrismas cards at The Rotana kiosk on 13th of December.
This is one of ideas.
The shadows are supposed to be camels though.

My PC mouse broke.
I'm trying to use the laptop's mouse pad, it is irritating.
I cannot use it.

I'm going to go to the stationary shop to get a new mouse.
It took for 2 hours to post these pics. It is crazy.

I'm going to edit later after I got a new mouse. Sorry, my blog's a bit messy today.

I bought a new mouse!

It is so easy to operate.
It was a waste of time this morning to post 6 paintings without a mouse.


Christmas card idea

 A Christmas card idea.
I wanted to talk about the watercolour paper today.
I found some really nice paper. It is really reasonable and comes from Malaysia.
I like the back side better than the front even though the front is supposed to be used for painting.  The front side has many problems. The colour turns dirty and it is very difficult to lift colours.
But the back side of the paper is almost perfect for me.
 I used to think the paper's price is in proportion to the quality.
Generally, it is true, however there are some exceptions.


  1. I sympathize with you,dear Midori! I use the mouse and I think this year is already the third I buy! This is wireless, perhaps fall to the ground less without hanging from the wires when I move the computer! For now, thi is already fallen several times without stopping work .... Question: why it is very rare that I fall to the ground a brush, while the mouse I often falls? What a mystery! Work fresh and pleasant as always from you, waiting for the end of the post! ciao,Rita.

  2. Het zijn er zoveel om naar te kijken dank je wel daarvoor lieve groetjes Danielle

  3. Admirable el manejo que hace ud. de la acuarela, bellísimas obras

  4. Hello Midori:) I love your paintings. The one with the woman is almost something from a fairy tale. Love the colors and white dots look like diamonds!
    Your painting with the camel is also very beautiful. I love the cute look of the camel:) As if he wants to kiss the man besides him:) Lovely:) But the winner is: the last painting:) It would be a great christmas card indeed. It has a lot of humor. I love it!
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. Hi Rita,


    yes, I dropped the mouse twice. It caused?
    A wireless mouse is a bit expensive, so I bought a very old fashioned mouse with code(which is annoing.)I simply respect the people who can use pc without mouse.hahaha

  6. Hi Danielle,

    thank you.It is very busy season.Making Christmas cards,writing cards,painting and drawing and,,,.It makes me crazy.

  7. Hi Beatriz,

    thank you.I want to post something funny painting, but it is not easy at all.

  8. Hi renate,
    I love something funny thing.
    please expect next post.