Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Painting of UAE

(This is a part of painting)
Chrismas season has come.
I'm really, really busy.

I don't have enough time to sit.
Finally, I produced some paingings of UAE culture.

(This is a part of the painting.)
I took some photos this Emiati and his camels about 5 years ago in a farm in Al Ain.
He was a really friendly Emirati.
I painted him from one of photos.
I'd  been trying to meet him to show my work, but I coudn't get him.
When I went there to meet him with my painting about 2 years ago, I had a chance to meet a young boy.
I asked him "Is this your grandfather?'
He  said "yes",
I gave away my painting to him with my telephone number.
Because I wanted him to be a model again.
but there have been no telephone call for 2 years.
I'm still waiting to meet him.

I was asked yesterday,"How long did you take to complete one piece"?"
That is really good question.

Because I took this one almost 2 years.
I painted the right side guy, but I couldn't paint the left side guy until yesterday.
They are tabaco seller in Al Ain Vegetable souq.

Christman is coming.
And the end of term of school is coming, too.
There are so many things to think and do.
We have a proverb in Japan,''I'm very busy, so I'd even  borrow a cat's paw.


  1. Great work, with great expressive force, portraits that tell entire lives.Dear Midori,
    you have a magical talent for watercolors&portraits superb!

  2. Heel mooi gedaan mijn complimenten lieve groetjes Danielle

  3. Wonderful portraits, Midori!! I really think your forte is in painting people and animals. I am trying to visualize you getting help from your cat in these busy times. :)

  4. Sus trabajos de acuarela y los bocetos de las personas son admirables, cuanta técnica y cuanta sensibilidad, gracias por compartir su arte

  5. Hello Midori:) Oh how I like that camelpainting. It's so beautiful. The Emirati looks very friendly indeed. Be happy you still got a photo! Your other paintings are beautiful as well. Great art again!
    Take it a bit easy!!

  6. Hi Rita,
    It is really impressing to read your comment.I like painting portraits.And then I have a great talent. The painting doesn't look like the model at all. Hahaha

  7. Hi Danielle,

    I can't use the new translation service yet.Sorry. Thank you for the comment anyway.

  8. Hi Studio at the farm, Kathryn,
    yes,thinking about HaniHani story is a great brain training for me.

  9. Hi Beatriz,
    I like portrates. Eye(s) are the most important part in the portraits. I feel like these pieces are very succesful.

  10. Hi Janina B,

    thank you for visiting my blog.It is very busy season these days. So I can't relax at all.Christmas is nice but really hectic.

  11. Hi renate,

    Have you already painted your original Christmas cards? Every year I do. However, I have no idea this year. My brain is not working properly.

  12. Hello, Hani Hani, I am Sadeu friend with and I have spoken very well of your watercolors.
    I like very much all your work