Monday, November 5, 2012

Friday morning

It is perfect weather these days. I go out for sketching on Friday morning.

This is just 50m away from my apartment.

When I was painting stones, suddenly the cat came out. She/he gave me a pretty nice pose, however it was 30seconds. I could not finish it.

Al Ain Palace Museum.
This Emirati guy is working around the gate.When I pulled out my camera my bag, he posed for me without hesitating.
So I painted  him from one of the photos.
I like his hand. I touched on it just twice. The colour looks like shallow, but I could have done what I really wanted. 


HaniHani series 5


  1. Midori, I so much admire your ability to go outside and start painting, and they are all so good! Most of all, I love your sense of humor. Your Hani Hani cat cartoon is hilarious!!! :) :)

  2. Hello Midori:) Wow I love that motorbike, a beautiful sketch! And the man at the palace museum and the other portrait are stunning. Really good job! In both paintings I love the skintones and other colors.
    To be honest: I scrolled right down to the bottom to see HaniHani!
    He is such a cute little friend, I love him. So sweet in front of the lion. I loved this one! By the way: nice lion painting!!
    Have a nice week:)

  3. Unos trabajos geniales, me ha gustado mucho visitar tu blog, un saludo!!

  4. みどりさん~~! 素晴らしい スケッチが たくさん!
    クラブの皆さんも 楽しんでますね^^;

  5. All excellent sketches, great subjects !

  6. Hi,Midori. So lovely your watercolour diary! All this works are very great,funny or dramatic, your brushes caught the reality around you for communicate strong visual messages!
    Have nice week end!

  7. Hi Studio at the farm, Kathryn,

    thank you.
    thesed days, I can't produce HaniHani story. My brain is not working properly. I will do soon.

  8. Hi renate,
    going out side without an eraser is interesting thing.
    I always try not to use an eraser. I think all line will be my history.
    The best season in UAE until March.

  9. Hi Mari,

    thank you for visiting my blog. I wish I could go to Spain for painting.

  10. しゅんごさんへ


  11. Hi Jane,
    I don't know why I like sketching cars.I haven't painted flowers quite a long time.

  12. Hi Rita,
    thank you.
    I teach watercolour to some kids in a primary school and a home school. When I started I had no idea what to do,but these days,I feel confident to teach them.I really appriciate the person who gave me a chance to do.Thank you everyone.