Monday, October 29, 2012

Etegami club

I'm a member of Etegami club.
These days, I'm very busy to think about Hani's story.


One day, this happened in front of my apartment.
This two boy's daddy's car broke.While their daddy who was calling  his friend or a garage,
two boys seemed like enjoying under the heat, because the elder brother found out the cardboard and started to use as a parasole.
The younger brother's reaction was so impressing.

Al Ain Jahli Park.
recycled sketchbook.

It seems like somebody's dead body, but it is a gorilla.
Only one gorilla in Al Ain Zoo.
He(she) looks so sad. Since the partner is dead, he(she) is alone.
I feel really sorry to him(her).

Al Ain Palace Museum.
Al Ain Palace Museum,
A security guard.


  1. Your paintings are so expressive and beautiful!

  2. Dear Midori, your visual diary is always a great experience!
    I love your watercolors,so high-impact for gestures, colors and shapes!
    Have a great week!

  3. Your paintings tells story very well. I love the colours, it's beautiful.

  4. Ik wens je succes er mee en het ziet er leuk uit en die jongen zo'n stralend gezicht heel mooi gedaan lieve groetjes Danielle

  5. Midori, I enjoyed your post so very much. Such a sweet, gentle humor you evoke with your Hani Hani cartoons. This is the first time I have seen your portrait work - it is brilliant. I especially like the one of the boys under their impromptu umbrella! Thank you, Midori.

  6. Hello Midori:) I'm still lauging loud becouse of HaniHani trying to be a pigeon. This is humor. Thank you so much for making me laugh. On the other hand I felt a bit sorry for HaniHani to try so hard to get friends. Tell HaniHani I'm a friend of him! Will you?

    The gorilla painting made me a little bit sad, but is beautifully painted. The two boys are also stunning and the security gard too! I love your style. Keep it going please:) Have a nice week!

  7. Hi Judy,
    thank you.At the moment, it is 6:25am.
    I can the moon this morning from our living room. Maybe I can think about a story with the moon and HaniHani.

  8. Hi Rita,
    thank you for encounraging me.
    I LOVE PAINTING!!! It is a kind of medicine.

  9. Hi Thum,
    I WAS really seirous. I've realized I should add some funny painting. This is great for my brain.Thank you.


  10. Hi Danielle,Ik vind deze twee jongens heel veel. Ik heb een dochter, soms heb ik medelijden met haar, konden we niet produceren broers en zussen voor haar. Het leven moet totaal anders.

  11. Hi Studio at the Farm, Kathryn,

    I used to paint serious portrait, but I think I should relax and look around my life.It is not easy to think about story for Hani Hani,but it is great brain training.

  12. Hi renate,

    thank you for always coming to see my work. I really appriciate your warm words.

  13. Wonderful sketches, I just love the one with the boys under the cardboard, fabulous scene !

  14. Hi Jane,

    thank you. I like it, too.
    Not many chance to get like this scene. So this is precious moment.