Thursday, October 25, 2012

Al Ain Palace Museum

Al Ain Watercolour Club went to Al Ain Palace Museum this week.

This is the simple wash that I did in the museum.

The Eid holiday lasts for five days.
On day 2, since
I'm fascinated by Al Ain Palace museum, I went there again,but it was closed. So we moved to the Rotana Hotel parking.
If the Rotana hotel owner has a chance to see my piece, he/she will probably be mad, because it looks like kids' art.
I have an excuse: the design of the Rotana hotel is very complicated.

Rotana hotel parking area.

 Hi Lion,
you must be hungry.
If you want to use my miso-soup bowl to eat biscuit, I don't mind at all.
The lion couldn't understand at all why she is so easy going in front of a carnivore.
When I was painting in front of the Rotana hotel, I made this: "HaniHani series 2" for the Etegami club.I want to think and paint so many things, so my brain is really busy these days. hahaha ほんまかいな。

I picked up this leaf in Al Ain Palace Museum the day before yesterday.
I love these shadows which show their shape.



  1. Hello, Midori! I love the lyon and the cat! I love always ALL your beautiful watercolors, energetic and expressive!
    Thank you for writing in English (at least occasionally) because the translator is not always understood by the Japanese!
    Even if your work speak the universal language of art and passion for watercolor!

  2. はにはにちゃん、いつからお椀を帽子にしたんでしょうか?

  3. Hello Midori:) You know I'm a great lover of all your art, I am now completely fallen in love with Hani Hani and friend Lion. So cute and very funny!! Love it. Your palaca museum painting is beautiful!! Great style. Have a nice weekend:)

  4. I always love your work and this is no disappointment! Not only beautiful pictures but an interesting part of the world you have been exploring, Wishing you Happy Halloween however it may be celebrated in your part of the world.

  5. I really do like these two upper paintings. They emediatelly caught my eyes when I looked through the bloglist today. Beautyful and soft colours! Take care!

  6. Hi Rita,

    thank you for encouraging me.Universal language!
    Wow, that is impressing. Thank you!

  7. はるちゃまんさんへ


  8. Hi renate,

    I have no idea for the story with the lion,so I changed to pigeons. I hope you like it. hahaha

  9. Hi Betty,

    I always look at your work and think, how Betty paint like this? All are so impressive. Thank you for your warm words and sharing your fantastic art.

  10. Hi Catharina,
    thank you for visiting my blog.
    I hope you like HaniHani story as well.
    I love something funny painting these days.