Friday, August 15, 2014

Painting Al Ain 2

Al Ain Camel race track.

I don't think I like painting camels, because it is really hard,but I don't know why I feel comfortable I paint them.I feel like I got back to hometown.

                             Al Ain vegetable market.

              I love to go to see the market.
              Lots of vegetables, fruit and fish.
We can see the life of people in Al Ain.
I want to paint as many places in this town as I can. 

K and his violin.
He is lovely boy who likes violin. I cannot wait to meet him in September.

It is really hard to paint Al Ain.
Plein-Air artist won't exist in this town.
It is 48 Celsius these days.
My friend came from Dubai yesterday, they said it was 40 Celcius in Dubai.
Maybe in land would be hotter.
I painted this from photo.
I wish I could do on the spot.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Al Ain Camel racetrack in Al Ain.

All camel were looking at me, but he was not.
He was holding his mobile or smart phone. That was really funny scene for me.

I had 21 colour in my pallet, but I realized that I don't need lot of colours.
So I painted it just 10 colours today. 

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  1. Love your Camel paintings. Can understand about the heat not being your friend when it comes to trying to paint outdoors.

  2. I noticed you had visited me so set out to find you! Your paintings are lovely. I hate the heat here in summer and would never think of staying in the heat to paint, it would be incredibly difficult with watercolour.
    Sorrys and thankyous are the words, feelings that smooth the way...Mrs A

  3. Lovely beautiful watercolors from you as always!!!
    You are GREAT!!!

  4. Hi Lorraine,
    When I started painting camels, I used to have hard time to create a piece,but these days, it is getting easier to create and totally enjoy making story of them.

  5. Hi Mrs A,
    it is great to see completely different type of art.Thank you.

  6. Hi Rita,
    You always encourage me to move forward.
    I would like to try landscapes from now.
    That is not easy at all.

  7. Your work is at such a high standard it is beautiful to see the variety of subject matter painted so well.

  8. Hi Julie Ford Oliver,

    I can move forward by your kind words.
    Thank you.