Monday, June 10, 2013

''It's Monday"project

acrylic 38cm x 38cm 
3/6 /2013 to fb

I've decided to post one painting on every Monday to my fb account.
Some friends asked me "Why do you paint gorillas?"

I used to paint mainly things from around Al Ain.

However, one of my students who studies at UAEU wanted to try to paint a gorilla. Naturally,I had to practice it before the lesson.
When I started to paint the gorilla, I was fascinated by its eyes.

Next week, she would like paint a crocodile.
I've just started to paint it and make a plan of how I 
can teach it to her. I feel like the crocodile is the most difficult object ever.
acrylic 38cm x 38cm

"It's Monday."project 3 in 4.
I'm trying how to make black without using black paint.

 I bought a set of Al Ain postcards.
Amro, who is famous as a photographer, has been selling his 12 postcards set.
It is recommendable.


  1. je heb het heel mooi gedaan ik vind het geweldig lieve groetjes Danielle dank je wel dat je langs bent geweest op mijn blog

  2. アクリル初めてでしたよね、凄くうまい!はにはにさんはアクリルも合ってるんですね。

  3. I do like your gorillas, Midori! I am also fascinated by their eyes, Good for you for taking on your student's challenge, and good luck with the crocodile. I am sure it will be very good!!!

  4. Hello Midori:) Your gorillas are outstanding. The big gorilla with the little flower gives such a good contrast. Very nice. I also love the many colors in the background. Great art!!:)

  5. みどりさん 素晴らしいですね~~!!

  6. Hi Danielle,

    I've never tried acrylic seriously, but very interesing medium. I enjoyed it very much.

  7. erieriさんへ

  8. Hi Studio at the Farm.
    I've never painted gorilla,wolf and crocodile. I appriciate her very much. Otherwise, I will never try to paint them.Gorilla and a wolf were ok, but crocodile was the most difficult one.

  9. しにあさんへ


  10. Hi renate,

    thank you.
    It is really hard to paint a square canvas, but it was so much fun!!!