Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Al Jimi Oasis Fort

This pegion was looking at my sketching in a tiny hole of the fort.

These days, I'm fascinated by negative paint.
When I painted around the legs, without painting the pigeon's legs came out automatically.
It is really interesting.
I was trying to paint the fort, but I hardly paint landscape,
So I couldn't get any pieces which I feel satisfied.
I painted this instead of the landscape.


Today, one of our Thai friend cooked lunch for us.
I don't have enough vocabulary to explain how nice they were.

Thank you very much for coming to see my blog!!!


  1. Hello Hani Hani:) Lovely pigeon. Beautiful how you did the stones around him! Love it!

  2. He looks very grounded in his tiny hole. Beautiful.

  3. Hi renate,

    Thank you. I touched a lot so it lost transparency of watercolour.

  4. Hi Elizabeth,

    I've tried to draw and paint a couple of times.
    However, I never feel satisfied. This is no so bad. Thank you.