Thursday, December 1, 2016


Jebel Hafeet (Mt Hafeet)

8 more piece to go.

I started to drive toward here at 7:35AM this morning,
but all scenarios were so beautiful. So everycorner I stopped the car and had to take photos.
So when I got here,
it turned at around 8:40am.
I painted in the spot about 80% and add some more details at home.
The foot of the mountain were covered by misty blue.
I will come here tomorrow to paint as well.

Thank you for supporting me throughout 2016.

Have a great new year all of you.


This is the best season for sketching, though it is still hot painting under the sun.

I am selling greeting cards and calendars made up of scenery around Al Ain, but I did not include Jebel Hafeet for some reason.
So I've started to look for the best angle of the mountain so I can paint it from now. 



A street in Al Ain.

One of process practice, 
I thought,1, To paint sky, 2. To paint buildings..3.To paint the car,
4, To paint road
5. To paint human figures.
but it was wrong
I realizes brushes move all over.
It means to paint almost same time.

This is an old piece.
I like this very much.
I love to paint workers like this.

The view from 16th floor in a hotel room in Dubai.
There was a huge construction site beside the hotel.
Shadows of human figures are really interesting.
It was race chances to see workers from 16th floor yesterday.

Christamas eve







I went to bed this time.


Wow she/he was still over here.



It was the last shot, I saw her/him.

The white pigeon had been purched for 15 hours.
It was unbelievable.
She/he hardly moved.
Actually I got up and saw it still on the balcony bar on Christmas mourning, I just could not believe it.

It must have been somebody's message?

I would like to post my video, but no idea how to do,

I need  a somebody to help me. 
I will do tomorrow.

 I just painted my Japanese friend's husband with acrylic.



Jabel Hafeet  Al Ain 




How to use balcony
No laundry
No barbecue
Don't use as a store room
Don't throw cigarette butts

I can't remember 2 more.
but except for these, why those balcony exist?

I know hanging laundries wouldn't create a great view.


When I was driving to a shopping mall with my daughter yesterday, I asked her when you feel happiness.
She said it was an unexpected question.
I never asked somebody like this.
She asked me the same question to me.
I answered when I am needed by someone and  can make the person or people happy.
But it took more than a half century to answer  such a question.
I am curious how people would answer this question.


 Acrylic on canvas.

 From my store room.

I painted in front of  Al Ain vegetable souqe.
He was wearing a white shirt.He was shinning in the morning sun.


Tokyo God Father

Satoshi Kon

Japanese animation 2003

I was totally fascinated by this animation.


Acrylic, my friend George.


Our flat Christmas tree.

 My flower greeting cards.

 A book cover idea for surrogate mother.

 Covered by flower petal.

 Painting Al Ain with food colour.

 Clean up store room.I will take time because I always pick up some piece and consider I should dump or keep.

My 7 pieces of prints are on sale by Monda Gallery Dubai.
They will be available in Kinokuniya Dubai and the gallery.

Tone study.Al Ain Mall.

DV is not forgivable!!!
I got a punch in the middle of the night, when I was sleeping last night.
Tiny but  I bled a bit.
I couldn't get   what was happening in the middle of the night.

This is the criminal of DV!!!
She looks so nice and peaceful though now.

But I finally found out her biscuit bowl was empty.
That's why she was angry at me.
I feel sorry to her no food in her bowl, but DV is DV.
Even cats, it is not acceptable.

Food fair at Haza Bin Zayed Stadium last night.

We live in this stadium compound since this July.The last day of Food Fair last night, so we walked from our apartment.There were lots of food stalls over there, but almost all are burgers.
I did't want to spend 35 dhs for a burger so we tried this pasta stall.

All stalls showed their products prices but only this stall didn't show the price.
We don't know how much it was.
But pasta were keeping in a huge cheese bowl.
It was very attractive for me. So many people were cuing in front of this stall.We were one of them.

Before paying, I asked an Emirati lady who already paid.
She said it was 35 dhs. I thought it was ok for me.
My husband paid it by credit card.

When we started to eat, we checked the receipt.
It says 50 dhs each. 

It is suspicious.
So I got back to the stall and asked some ladies who paid for the pasta.
They didn't know how much they paid.
I asked other person. She didn't know either.


They don't know how much it was?
They don't care how much they were.

It is shocking.
It means whenever the stall want to change the price, they can.

The taste of pasta was ok but I am not happy to experience this kind of thing.
I felt like they were cheating customers.



 2017 my calendar

I am really forgettable these days.
First of all, I forgot where I put my spec.
I need another pair of spec to look for the spec.
This is a tiny part of iceberg.
A month ago,
I lost some new paints.
One day, one of my students asked me she wanted to see what kind of paints I am using.
After the lesson, I couldn't find those paints.
They disappeared.
I tried my best to trace what I did.
but still they are still missing.

eco centre cafe in Al Ain

3 dates comes with coffee. I was fascinated by the plate which is made by real wood.The smell of wood!!
I've never seen this kind of thing in UAE.
I really wanted to find out the person who decided to use the paper thin wood plate in this cafe.
I am sure I will hug the person very tightly.
The smell of wood reminds me heart of Japan.

Culture difference
A couple days ago,
when I was exchanging email with my adorable Japanese friend,
he said surprisingly 
" hug?
"Wow it would be exciting to be hugged."
 There was no special meaning for me, I thought we would do as a greeting.
I've realized that hug is not common in Japan.
Western do everyday life.
20 years live in outside Japan, 
I do hug without hesitation.
but whenever  go back to Japan, nobody does.
So it is weird  for me.
When we say good bye,
we just stand and exchange the words.
Japanese are not good at physical contact to show our feeling.
We Japanese should import the custom from western countries.

Messy store room

3 more weeks, The end of 2016 is coming.
What I have to do is tidy up my store room.
 I am not good at dump my paintings.
There are so many paintings which I have to say good bye.
but I am not bold enough to do.

Our flat Christmas tree finally comes up.
I add one thing every year.
Almost all are my daughter's stuff.
I can dump, so I am keeping here tiny thing.
All have memories.
Even the friend who passed away 9 years ago gave us as a present is here.
I don't think I like drag passed, but I've realized I do, don't I?

Greeting cards and 2017 calendars.
I am really busy to make a market for them.

Sketching in Al Ain Oasis yesterday.

I don't watch TV normally, because we have no contract of tv package.
So one of my Japanese friend recommend strongly to watch a Japanese drama, finally 
a friend showed me the site to watch.
Luckily I could download it last night.
It is very addictive.
I couldn't stop watching almost the end of the drama.
It took more than 4 hours but unfortunately I couldn't get the last episode.
It is annoying, I really want to watch the last story.


Happy birthday をうたい、ケーキをいただき、



I feel like it is time to study Arabic.
Nothing to be late. 
UAE 45 National Day finished.
JUKI member organized today's event which was held in  UAEU old men's campus.
I really appreciate them all the time.

The National anthem which we watched by the video was really impressing.
I had to try my best not to cry, because the singer sung very beautifully and he showed there is no left or right like Japan,
all of them just love their country and land.

Luckily, 2nd of December, National  Day, 
I had a chance to talk with one of the relative of Sheikh Zayed.
The person asked me, 
"Do you know why 80% of UAE's population is foreigners?"
I didn't answer immediately.
The person answered me.
Sheikh Zayed said this land is god land not our land.
He opened the country's gate to everyone.
It is very impressing, so as a memory I wanted to paint his face from the box which I got from today's event, but unfortunately it was not great.
I have to try it again one day.

It was UAE NATIONAL DAY today.

Haza Bin Zayeed Stadium, finally be quiet.
Now 11;40 pm.

It would be a bit busy day tomorrow.

From Czech photo of my trip.
I had to do this last month but I had no time.
Finally I did one of them.
Still some are on the way.
We barely see winter cloths in UAE,
so it was a dream to paint coats like this.

I imagined this scene are form Charles Bridge in Prague.

I have a awful cough all day today.So it was not great day.

Good night everyone.

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