Sunday, January 31, 2016


I forgot how to put watermark, so I used one of function of fpc to write my name in it.
When I paint camels, I always think about how I can move on a paper.
Luckily almost all camels are wearing blankets in Al Ain Camel racetrack when they are in a training time.
So I can use those blankets to swing.
This time I wanted let them swim in water.
Next time I should paint some more strong colour in the back ground.

Camels are wearing blue blankets but it was too ordinary, so I changed  to red.

watercolour and acrylic.

I painted  this long time ago with watercolour, 
but I wanted to experiment one thing this time. 
I added with acrylic on  this watercolour panting.
Very soft watercolour turned to very powerful painting I think.
Actually I've come to like acrylic. I will not try a lot, but sometimes great stimulation for me.

Zayed Library R.A in Al Ain..

 Al Ain is called Garden city, unfortunately I hardly paint flowers. 
I know I should more like that.

I've been living here for 16 years, so surrounding green and flowers are not new for me at all.
So I've lost feeling of appreciation in ordinary day.
But if I go somewhere else,
I feel there is something missing.

So many people are working hard to maintain beautiful streets and roundabouts as well in Al Ain.

Moshi Moshi?
Nani Nani?

From Al Ain Zoo.
20cm x 24cm

It is so much fun to paint with acrylic.
I am using a flat brush all the time.
I am glazing colour like wateroclour.
The technique is almost same as watercolour for me.
There is no rule for acrylic.
I can make a rule for acrylic.
Very versatile medium.
I love it.

Meditation  in Al Ain Zoo.
Bright future 2/10

When I went to Al Ain zoo for sketching 2 weeks ago,
I didn't want to miss sketching this lion.
I begged him. please look at me.
Please, please look at my camera. I wanted to paint his front face.
I waited quite long time, but he didn't move at all.
It looked like a statue.
The entry fee is 30dhs.
That is very costly for me.
So I can't go very often.

So I begged him again.
Please look straight, because I can't pay another 30dhs the next day only for him.

But he was so stubborn
He even didn't move a 1 cm.

So I got his message, he wanted me to paint his side face.
I got it. 
Thank you for giving me a great chance to paint your side face.

But could you do me a favour?
Could you please move a little bit another day when I come here to meet you?

post card size with watercolour.

The old piece came out from one of old file.
To explain about how different between acrylic and watercolor to someone.
There are so many messy spots but I like it.

I bought a drawer in IKEA yesterday.
Acrylic paints, watercolour paints, colour penscils charcoal, markers,brushes, ink,pencils, eraser, knives grue,stapler.........................................................
There are so many things in my art room.They are scattered everywhere.
I was thinking about all of my art materials are corrected into one drawer.
It would be great!!!

And it dreams come true.
I got a perfect size of drawer with wheels(casters).
I disliked IKEA before. (Sorry IKEA).
But this time, I appreciate IKEA so

So the top of the drawer is occupied by acrylic.
I should try something with acrylic. 

of course.









  1. Mindori, you worry that your work may not make people happy. I stumbled upon your "camel" last night on the Fine Arts website. It was among the many thumbnails posted. Although one cannot really see the works as the thumbnails are so small, I clicked on the camel and became an immediate fan of your work. I looked at a lot of your paintings and became a solid follower of your. I felt so much delight in what you do. It lifted my spirits and inspired me to get back in my art studio. Do you make people happy? Yes, you do.

  2. Thank you Jeanne Lafferty.
    At least, I make you happy, right?
    I am so, so, so happy to hear that.I can't believe I inspired you.
    That makes me happier.I have students.I always think how I inspire them.How I let them continue painting is not easy thing, is it?

    Thank you so much.