Saturday, May 2, 2015

Al Marmoom Camel racetrack 7/7

A sheep or a goat?

I borrowed this scalp from my friend last week.
This is not my idea, my daughter wanted to draw and paint as art homework.
But she never tried.So as long as we borrowed at least I should try to paint.
Unfortunately the top of the horn was chipped.

I painted tiny paintings 3 days in a row.
It made me frustrated.

Practicing violin made the situation worse.
Violin has 4 strings. 1cm apart each other.
It is hard to aim one string.
So---- frustrated.
I don't think I have any talent of violin.
I am ready to stop.

To remove this frustration,
So I wanted to use lot of colours and water today.
I feel better now.

Thank you for visiting my diary.

 In Al Khaleeji Hospital pharmacy.
We have to wait at least 15 minutes until getting medicine.
So what I do is sketching in the pharmacy waiting room.
Before I was bored to wait something, but I enjoy the time these days.
Of course, I can't star at very sick people.
I have to be very careful to do it in hospitals.
Kids are really bored to wait until meeting doctors, so they often come to see my work.

I took some photos in Al Ain Brighton college Spring Fair.
I am scared to ride horses, but I love sketching people love it.
I tried this piece with 3 primary colours.
Whenever I tried to paint primary colours, I feel like why I have a lot of colours in my pallet?
If the paint's quality is great, it is possible to paint so many things.



contour drawingでいろんなものをかかせてみた。あまりにうまいので、アラブのコーヒーポットを最後にかかせてみた。わたしよりうまかった。

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